the cub team.

d: upon request, the cub team will film your wedding in a teddy bear costume. just kidding. but we will give you a film that captures who you are as a couple. the cub team uses cinema level cameras to deliver you high quality videos. we also have a drone. you know, those mini helicopter things that get you awesome shots in the air.

a: yeah, we're a team (people, not cubs) that love to make films. we're all about capturing raw, honest moments. nothing that beats that face when the groom makes when he sees his bride walking down the aisle. actually maybe the bride's smile as she walks out with her new husband. i can't decide.

d: wedding videography is important because it captures emotion differently than photos. the cub team's way of shooting is very organic. we'll normally go with the flow and work with what's given to us. we try our best not to be intrusive yet artistically capture the shots we need.

a: i think that having a wedding video makes your wedding a little bit more special. it allows you to re-live your wedding and share it with people who were unable to attend. 

d: travel? hell yeah.

a: i love to travel. going to a new location always inspires me, so you can expect some good footage to come out of it. 

d: i like jokes but unfortunately, i only have two. i promise they're solid though. while i'm taking videos, i'll have the most serious face in the world (i take this stuff seriously). other than that i'll probably be smiling for a silly reason.

a: you'll probably see me taking iphone snaps or using cheap disposable cameras whenever i'm out. i enjoy a good cup coffee while watching vlogs on youtube. i spend the other hours of my day hanging with close ones or playing music.

a: i don't bite so feel free to inquire about our videography services.

d: i bite.




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 this is arthur jung

this is arthur jung

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this is daniel kuh

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