Debbie + Phil

We had loads of fun at this one. The hustle and bustle of Downtown Los Angeles was the perfect backdrop for Debbie's dress! Oh, they also had a petting zoo with baby goats and micro piglets. Coordinated by CCL! 

Erin + Tim

Kelli + Nick

Squad! Kelli and Nick flew us to San Francisco and immediately made us feel part of the team. This one was filled with laughter, dancing, bromance, and getting lit.  Coordinated by Sydney Camille Events!


JEss + David

We love Jess and David! They provided their guests with In-N-Out, King Taco, Fish Tacos, and unlimited candy! Jess and David let the day ride out and it couldn't have been more smooth! Coordinated by Jess herself!

Mary + Matt

Christine + David

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