D: Upon request, The Cub Team will film your wedding in a teddy bear costume. Just kidding. But we will give you a film that captures who you are as a couple. 

a: yeah, we're a team (people, not cubs) that love to make films. we love capturing raw, honest moments without the fluff of "hollywood". 

D: Wedding videography is important because it captures emotion differently than photos.

a: i think that having a wedding video makes your wedding a little bit more special. it allows you to re-live your wedding and share with people who were unable to attend. 

D: Travel? Hell yeah.

a: i love to travel. going to a new location always inspires me, so you can expect some good footage to come out of it. 

D: I'm a very hands on person and a huge dreamer. I'll often find myself daydreaming about what I would do to change the world if I had a million dollars. I have a commitment with myself to make a million dollars before I'm 30 yrs old. Bold words but I'm down.

a: you'll probably see me taking iphone snaps or using cheap disposable cameras whenever i'm out. i enjoy a good cup coffee while watching vlogs on youtube. i spend the other hours of my day hanging with close ones or playing music.

a: we don't bite so feel free to inquire about our videography services.

the cub team.